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About Us

Aviation Bridge runs a 24/7 operation department, 365 days a year.

We at Aviation Bridge,the largest private jet operator in Israel, offer you a unique experience of the highest level.

The company which was established in 1996, by Captain Zvi Dannenberg, offers a variety of services to your specific needs and requests, starting with private jet flights for business and family occasions, medical evacuation flights and special cargo flights. Throughout the company’s years, it earned its client’s high reputations and credibility for its professionalism and high level of service.

Aviation Bridge operates luxurious private jets registered both in Israel and the United States and cooperates with worldwide companies to ensure last-minute availability for our clients. By cooperating with worldwide companies, we are pleased to offer a higher variety of fleet options and meet many other needs.

Our highly experienced flight crew and ground personnel, throughout the company’s existence, has helped us to launch “last minute” flight requests to any destinations. With our 24/7 operation department we are able to follow and handle last minute changes and updates. 

Our flight services are tailored and suited to the passengers by taking into account their needs, requests and privacy. Clients may request special catering during the flight to ensure satisfaction and dietary needs.

To any destination at any moment – Aviation Bridge will fly you safely, quickly and efficiently. We are at your service 24/7 and are ready to provide you the best services possible.

Aviation Bridge offers you the best, we are committed to the highest level of service, safety, professionalism and to meet up to your expectations.  Everything mentioned has made Aviation Bridge the leading private jet company in Israel, our aviation solutions enables us to provide you with the best suited solutions.

Our flight crew at Aviation Bridge, has nine pilots, which include Captain Zvi Dannenberg, the company’s owner and chief pilot, who are available around the clock to meet our clients’ flight schedule. Our pilots, trained both in Israel and in the United States are routinely examined to ensure their expertise in special flight simulations to ensure their abilities to handle all types of emergency situations that might occur.

Our flight crew, captains, co-pilots and flight attendants, are at your service during the entire flight. Our ground personnel will be at your service from your initial arrival to the VIP terminal, until boarding the aircraft. We are available for your request 24/7 and offer you the best service option for any request.  



Zvi Dannenberg


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T +972-3-5741886

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Nir Bronstein


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Shai Benhefer


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Michael Danenberg

VP Business Development

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Sarit Zino

Director of operations division

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Deborah Danenberg


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Israel Scheiner


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Dr. Dafna Givati

Advises Doctor


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