Aviation bridge

Aircraft Maintenance center

Aviation Bridge runs a 24/7 operation department, 365 days a year.

Aircraft Maintenance center

Aviation Bridge operates an aircraft maintenance center according to Israeli air regulations. The maintenance center is a fully capable and operative “aircraft shop”. Among the aircraft maintained in the shop you could find Aviation Bridge’s full fleet and many other private jets based in Tel-Aviv. The shop is certified to handle both Israeli and American resisted aircrafts. As any resisted maintenance center, Aviation Bridge Maintenance Center is routinely inspected by the local civil aviation administration.

Aviation Bridge Aircraft Maintenance Center is resisted as a maintenance center by the Israeli Civil Aviation Administration and is the only business-jet-aviation focused maintenance center in Israel. Aviation Bridge employ experienced mechanics and electricians on a regular basis. Our crew is highly experienced in the private aviation sector and has a rich background in all types of private jets. Among the Maintenance Center responsibilities is to ensure the aircraft are airworthy and safe to fly at any moment, while ensuring the highest standard of safety.

  • The Aircraft maintenance center is resisted by the Israeli ICCA, The mechanics and electricians are registered and typed both by the Israeli ICCA and American FAA.

Mechanics Training and Typing & Ground Personnel Training

The aviation world is advancing quickly and presents new challenges which our ground personnel and mechanics must face. Moreover, Aviation Bridge maintenance clients’ requests and expectations are growing, therefore, we ensure our mechanics will be routinely tested and updated with the newest aviation requirements. Aviation Bridge employees are highly qualified and are certified by both Israeli civil aviation authorities and the American Federal Aviation Administration.

Aviation Bridge is the only operator in Israel that holds a certified Maintenance Center focused on private jets. This presents our clients a substantial advantage when choosing Aviation Bridge, we routinely keep our staff trained and updated with all necessary regulations and updates.

Our mechanic and ground personnel are routinely participating in courses required and recommended by authorities, Aviation Bridge highly invests in its staff to ensure the highest level of professionalism and safety.