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Ambulance Flights

Aviation Bridge runs a 24/7 operation department, 365 days a year.

Ambulance Flights

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Availability 24/7/365

viation Bridge, the largest private jet operator in Israel, owning fully certified aircraft, both by ICCA and FAA, Performing private flights and medical evacuations, from any origin to any destination around the world.

One of Aviation Bridge’s main advantages is our large variety of aircrafts, ready for any type of mission with full availability.

Aviation Bridge has a 24/7 operation department, always ready to assist with any request and solve any last minute issue before, during and after the flights. Our aircrafts are American (FAA) registered, which allows us to operate everywhere in the world on short notice.

Emergencies can happen everywhere at any time. Aviation Bridge offers an immediate and professional service in case of life saving missions and evacuations. If one of your close relatives is in an immediate life threatening situation around the world and has to be evacuated for medical treatment, call us.

Aviation Bridge – Air Operator Certificate number AOC105/0102 fully owns 4 aircrafts.

Medical Evacuation Flights

Medical evacuation flights from any destination worldwide, those flights are performed in a special ambulance private jet equipped with intensive care equipment and certified doctors and paramedics suited for the patient’s condition. Flights to any destination around the world, offering the quickest method to ensure patients will get the treatment they need at the destination they need. After the initial request, the medical condition of the patient will be examined by our doctor and the aircraft will be equipped with all necessary medical instruments and equipment needed for the patient. During the flight, a medical crew will monitor patient conditions. Aviation Bridge fleet can land at any airport requested and offers tailored services for your request. Another service Aviation Bridge offers is evacuating ski and snowboard injury patients around the alps. We know that in those cases, time can be critical for the patient’s condition and an immediate flight evacuation may save lives. Those services are offered to any tourist around the world, not once, have we evacuated tourists from unconventional destinations. Those flights might be the difference between life and death in some cases, therefore, if one of your family members or friends requires a medical evacuation, contact Aviation Bridge, as it’s a reliable, quick and effective service.

Transplant Organs Delivery Flights

Transporting organs is another service Aviation Bridge specialises in. Working with most major insurance companies and the state of Israel, Aviation Bridge has much experience in operating organs delivery flights on short notice.

All of our medical flight services are accompanied by a doctor who specializes in escorting flying patients and any other medical crew necessary for the specific patient and flight.   

Premature flying

Moving premature babies, accompanied by an intensive care specialist, a team that has been trained in airborne medical care! The team includes a premature intensive care physician, a senior paramedic, or a qualified intensive care nurse.