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Challenger 604-1

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The Challenger 604 is the new and advanced version of Bombardier. It has a wide cabin, offering a quiet flight and special experience.

The aircraft is equipped with 2 strong engines and large fuel tanks, which enable 9 hours of flight. Its excellent performances and luxury cabin puts him in the first row of private jet experiences.

The aircraft is equipped with a DVD player and system, Playstation 4 and an advanced audio system.

Interior Challenger 604-1

Challenger 604 Specification

Interior Length28’3″ / 8.6 mPassenger capacity12
Cabin length68.0 ft / 20.85 mMax. Speed489 mph / 787 kph
Cabin Height6’0″ / 1.80 mMax. Range (hours)9/5 hrs
Cabin Width8’2″ / 2.5 mMax. Range4,500 miles / 7,200 km
Baggage vol.114 cu. ft / 3.22 mLavatoryfull
  Flight attendantyes