Aviation bridge

Citation III

Aviation Bridge runs a 24/7 operation department, 365 days a year.

Aviation Bridge offers advanced and efficient aviation solutions, allowing you to get to any destination requested at any time in maximum comfort. Our advanced and well offered fleet of aircraft includes our Citation III, at your service, offering an extremely quiet flight experience and a luxurious cabin.

Enjoying the highest quality and luxury

This aircraft fits up to 8 passengers and offers private or business flights for personal purposes. The aircraft, conforming to the highest standards, offers a private jet, Citation III, for a private flight. We invite you to enjoy the best midsize jet, best-seller among our clients due to its quiet flight, luxurious cabin and high safety. During the flight, the passengers enjoy the entertainment system, aircraft’s bar and meals offered by request.

Interior Citation III

Challenger 604 Specification

Interior Length18’14” / 5.6 mPassenger capacity8
Cabin length55.6 ft / 16.95 mMax. Speed543 mph / 875 kph
Cabin Height5’9″ / 1.73 mMax. Range (hours)4.5 hrs
Cabin Width5’7″ / 1.68 mMax. Range2,000 miles / 3,200 km
Baggage vol.60 cu. ft / 1.7 mLavatoryfull
  Flight attendantyes