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Empty Legs

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Empty Legs

As part of our discounted solutions for flying in private jets, we offer our customers high-end services including the most luxurious private jets, we offer our clients empty legs, which may significantly reduce the flight cost.

One flight leg of a private jet, normally on its way back to its hub. Definition: Empty leg is a flight before picking up passengers or after dropping passengers off, during this flight leg, there are no passengers, just the flight crew. Empty leg services offer flights at reduced costs that can be used by clients as long as it fits the empty leg schedule.

Empty leg prices are significantly reduced in comparison to normal flight fare. In case you are interested in our “empty leg” service, let us know and we will find the best empty leg available in the market, which suits your request.

“Empty Legs” might be from a variety of origins and destinations all over the world and throughout the week. We will find the “empty leg” best suited to your request and to the desired destination and time.