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Private Jet Acquisitions Consult

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Private Jet Acquisitions Consulting

There is a great importance to pre-buy consultancy when it comes to buying a private jet. The consultancy will most definitely simplify the process and will assist in achieving the best result of the process. The consultant will take into account the client’s needs and expectations, while searching for a suitable private jet.

This  consultancy usually begins with a meeting with our team that will overlook the client’s needs and expectations, while taking into account the market value and opportunities. Finding the best suited aircraft in the market must take into account many parameters, such as expected destinations of aircraft, number of passengers and amount of yearly flying hours, all must be accomplished while ensuring all clients’ needs are met including budget. Our experience with all sizes of private jets will ensure your best purchase.

As part of the procedure of buying a private jet, we at Aviation Bridge will provide you all necessary reports and information needed to ensure you enjoy the best experience using your private jet, while knowing all possible limitations. Buying your private jet will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the private jet world.

Choosing the right aircraft: Nowadays more and more business people are purchasing private jets, buying a private jet includes numerous steps. After the first meeting with us, we will guide you on the right path which is best suited to your needs and expectations. Choosing the appropriate aircraft model, hiring a qualified and experienced crew, presenting all financial benefits (ROI) with direct and indirect cost of operations in comparison to other options in the market. We will also present you a safety report of the specific aircraft with all relevant information. Once the right model will be chosen, we will find the best suited aircraft and deal possible, while first checking multiple aircrafts.   

Private jet management, offering you private jet flights, does not suit everyone. We at Aviation Bridge will assist you to do so in the best and professional manner. After choosing the right aircraft model for you, we will find the best suited aircraft in the market and get the best deal for it.

Attorney services: We work with the best known and qualified aviation attorneys who deal with the vast majority of aircraft purchase deals. We will connect you to the best suited attorney while choosing the best options of registrations and commercial use options.

Assistance in obtaining aircraft financing – Aviation Bridge may assist you with finding suitable aircraft financing. We will help you find the best option out of numerous market options. Using one of the financing options opens the door for our clients to enjoy our tailored private jet solutions.