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Private jet Sales

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Private jet Sales

During recent years, more and more business-men are proud of owning private jets. The private jet market and flight services are reaching new heights.

Private jet flights can depart from any airport and arrive at any destination..

When it comes to selling your private jet, here is what you need to do: First, to understand the market and market demand for private jets. There are many options out there for the private and commercial sectors. Learn the potential clients: their interest and options in the market, suggested by your competitors. Aircraft visuality: In order to reach the ultimate deal, it is important to take into account the aircraft technical performances and cabin luxuries,

While selling your private jet, it is important to emphasize the aircraft’s visuality and luxurious offers in the interior and exterior. Sometimes this is as important as the aircraft performances and technical details. For example, it is important to keep the aircraft bar equipped and organized as well as making sure the seats are in place and in good shape and present the aircraft’s elegance. The cabin design might not fit everyone’s taste, but with that being said, elegance might be a good enough reason sometimes to go through with a deal. Pre-Buy report: Aircraft maintenance status including its shape and visuality for clients. An aircraft, even without flying, bears high costs of maintenance and handling, except for the direct flight costs, buyers have to take into account the flight crew costs, maintenance costs, periodical checks and more. If you are offering your private jet for sale, you must ensure all of the necessary documents are prepared and meet the required standard to present it to your potential clients. This will allow both sides to see the entire image of the current situation and may influence aircraft valuation. The pre-buy reports must include all features such as, the entertainment systems offered to the passengers on board, the numbers of seats, the cargo capacity, Make sure you present all aircraft advantages.

If you have any future questions about selling your private jet, don’t hesitate to contact us at Aviation Bridge, we will lead you through the process and ensure your path and close the best deal.

If you are interested in selling your private jet, we offer you our experience, market and technical knowledge at your service. Although demand for private jets might be high these days, it is crucial to get all paperwork during the process right and accurate, as well as, presenting your aircraft in the most appealing way. If you are seeking any assistance or have any questions regarding selling your private jet, do not hesitate to contact us at Aviation Bridge.