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Private Jet

Aviation Bridge runs a 24/7 operation department, 365 days a year.

Private Jet Charter

Business ties the world together, a private jet proves how important it is to be available at any time and to be able to get everywhere, in order to prompt your business. At Aviation Bridge, we offer a vast variety of private flights to a variety of destinations, to enable you to conduct your business in the most efficient manner. Private flights enable you to close a deal or contract at any place, anytime you need. Private business flights will take you directly to your destination and will save you time.

We at Aviation Bridge, offer an aircraft fleet and a highly experienced flight crew who will serve you in the most professional manner and will escort you during your entire journey. To ensure the best efficiency and in order to get you to your destination quickly, no matter weekends or late night hours, we are here for you. Our aircraft will take you directly to your chosen destination and enable you to conduct your business, tailored to your needs.

We believe you deserve the best, therefore we offer complementary services in addition to private jet flights, in order to help you enjoy a more pleasant and safe flight. During the flight, we will serve you meals best suited to your taste, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. These private flights are conducted by highly trained ground and air personnel. The company’s pilots are well experienced with many flight hours. During every flight, the captain, first officer and flight attendant, who will serve you during the flight, are highly professional and maintain high customer service from flight booking until arriving at your destination. Once you arrive at your destination, you will be assisted by ground personnel all the way until arriving at your final address, quickly and safely.

Short Notice Flights

More and more business people are moving their businesses overseas. Advanced technologies enable us to manage them, even without being present in every moment. With that being said, sometimes you are required to get to an important meeting on short notice in order to close a deal, when it comes to highly important business, there is great importance in arriving at the destination as fast as possible and with the highest level of comfort. We at Aviation Bridge, offer you private jet flights, we are also able to handle last-minute requests in case you receive an urgent phone call that requires you to get to any destination for a deal closer or agreement signing, we will be able to assist you immediately and carry you even on last minute or short notice requests. Our fleet is at your service, we are available and we guarantee to find you the best solutions, including private jet flights to various destinations, for you to get to any destination at any moment.

We are experts in understanding our clients’ special needs, and in the dozens of years of the company’s existence, we have collected an infinite amount of creative solutions to short notice requests for a quick departure on a private jet flight. We understand the need in special business flights and private jet flights, therefore are provide short notice flights, always with great credibility, discreetly and the highest level of service.

Operation Department

Aviation Bridge, operates a 24/7 operation department for 365 days a year. The department’s responsibility is from first flight arrangements and booking to receiving approval for the private jet flight. The service includes all services before departure. During the flight until landing and dealing with all terminal matters at the destination. The department is responsible for all client services, operating center, upper responsibilities, overflight permits, landing permits and services. Catering by client requests are made during the private flight as flights are subject to vary from one another. Airworthiness and maintenance of the aircraft and all flight operation responsibilities from A to Z. All that will be conducted while maintaining a high level of safety and customer service, as is to be expected in the surrounding work environment. Moreover, the operation department assists in finding solutions to highly technical issues that may arise, with technical complexity and variety between flights.