Aviation bridge

The Path to the Aircraft

Aviation Bridge runs a 24/7 operation department, 365 days a year.

At Aviation Bridge, we offer you a variety of services on your private flight, in order to make this experience unforgettable, we will escort you along the VIP path in the most comfortable, peaceful and quick way. As part of our service, we will ensure the best experience during pre-flight preparations.

Our passengers, who choose to fly on private jets, are not required to pass in the main/regular terminal and wait long hours in security screening and passport control. With our service, you will be able to skip those long lines and enjoy a personal service that will take you to the excluded VIP area, where you will pass VIP-conditions security checks and passport control. As part of the service, the ground personnel will arrive directly to you, offering you some snacks and drinks to enjoy in complete privacy.  With our service you will be able to reach any destination required, whenever requested, without spending long hours in waiting for check-in, security screening and passport control.

Our experience and professional customer services that we offer to our many clients, will allow you to enjoy the many options and will help you to enjoy the general flight experience that starts right here, way before the flight itself. This is an amazing opportunity to make the right choice and choose “Aviation Bridge” and receive the highest service, both on ground and in air by our VIP Services.

Aside from our services that are offered by private jets, you could also enjoy a delicious flight experience.

VIP Catering Services

High quality and luxurious catering that is offered during the flight is an undivided part of our VIP services that we offer to our customers. At Aviation Bridge, we believe in an all-inclusive service and customer experience tailored to each customer’s desire. Our catering services include light snacks, full meals and a variety of drinks offered to the passengers during the flight.

Kosher food, special diet or any other option, we are pleased to offer you catering by request. Offering our best quality as part of our services.

As part of the booking process with us, we ask for your catering request and are pleased to hear your special needs. For returning customers, we would be glad to serve you your favorite dish on every flight.

The type of catering is usually determined by the flight length, type of aircraft and the special equipment used during the flight. With that being said, if any special request is made, we will meet your expectation and taste.

We believe that with our years of experience, our high professional expertise and excellent service offered, you will definitely enjoy your trip. We are pleased to offer our clients extra services; including special and high-quality catering requests.

Maintaining a high standard of ingredients, freshness, widely varied menu and tasty meals, is part of our service offered to our clients during the entire way.

At Aviation Bridge, we know the importance of keeping our passengers’ comfort during the entire way. As part of our services, we offer those who fly private jets, ground handling and transportation to enable our passengers quick and comfortable access to and from the airport, from any address before the flight and every address after every flight. Those services are a quick and excellent solution for both business passengers and leisure passengers.

Personal Ground Escort

Ground transportation services will save our passengers valuable time and will arrive at any destination requested. If you wish to employ a taxi, rental car or a luxury limousine, our ground transportation will be suited to your requests and needs. We will book your ground service, according to your flight schedule and to the various destinations, by the requested means of transportation.